My Name Is Sabine

I am raising awareness of Postpartum Psychosis and my journey of recovery through art


Taunton Library

1st - 13th February 2016

Art has been my therapy since suffering from Postpartum Psychosis in 2010. I believe I started painting again late in 2011, when I was weaned off medication.

I experience art through my emotions and subconscious mind. The process is more important than the actual outcome.

My paintings often evolve into a meaning, something I experience. My painting comes as an outburst and subsequently channelling my emotions into creativity, enabling me to feel calm and content – as if my "happy-hormones (release of Serotonins) are having a party again".

My chemicals, the hormonal imbalance, is reflected in my work. When I do not sleep, I paint. I am on my path of recovery, learning in stepping stones… trying to overcome the obstacles of my agora and social-phobia.

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